Advance Directives

Shelby Ambulatory Surgery does NOT honor Advance Directives for use in this setting. This means that if you have a living will or Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order and an emergency occurs while you are a patient in our facility, the physicians and nurses WILL use all measures possible to sustain life and transfer you to the nearest hospital for acute-care.

During pre-registration, the registrar will ask the patient if they have a Living Will and/or Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare and document accordingly.

The State of Alabama has laws that define when life-sustaining measures may be withheld and forms that you can request when you arrive at Shelby Ambulatory Surgery, if interested. In the event you do NOT have an Advance Directive, this does NOT apply to you.

Several organizations have special forms you can use and offer free information about advance directives. Senior citizens may also want to contact the Alabama Department of Senior Services for more information.

Advance Directives – Summary of Alabama Law – Easy-to-read brochure for patients

If you do not already have the free Adobe® Acrobat® installed on your computer, click here to download.